Square Prescription Glasses

Iconic and timeless, square frame glasses highlight upper facial features. Men's square glasses with chunky frames elevate geek to chic. Narrow women's square glasses have a streamlined look that's more sophisticated. Square eyeglasses are usually recommended for those with a round face, but really, whatever appeals to you is the look you should follow. Shop now to find an incredible selection of square frame glasses right here at Express-Glasses.

Are Square Glasses Trending?

Square eyeglasses are always a good fashion choice. And geometric shapes are definitely in style right now, particularly oversized square eyeglass frames, which can amplify flattering facial features. Women's square glasses frames are especially complimentary to those who have a round or oval face.

What Colors Do Square Prescription Glasses Come In?

Typically, square glasses come in conservative colors like brown and black. But you may be surprised by the color choices that pop up in women's square glasses. Don't limit yourself to any one particular color until you try something a little more adventurous. You never know when a pastel or bright hue is going to knock your socks off!

Do Square Glasses Flatter Both Men and Women?

Absolutely. While men tend to choose square eyeglass frames and women trend toward a more rectangular shape, at the end of the day it's your face, your glasses and your choice to rock the look you love best!

Buy Your Square Eyeglasses at Express-Glasses

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