Shipping & Returns

Our website’s primary feature is rapidity. Orders ready and shipped same day! has an exclusive feature regarding our shipping rates and rapidity.


We will work as fast as possible to make sure you receive your glasses very fast.

When will my order will be shipped?

Single vision lenses 1,56, poly, 1,6 1,67 with and without photogrey will be ready and ship same day or the next business day.

Single vision tint sunglasses, polarized will be shipped between 5 to 8 days after your order placed. Please note that your lenses are custom made.

Single vision blue light lenses will be shipped within 2 business days.

Transition lenses will be shipped after 3 business days. Please note that these lenses are branded (essilor)

Progressive and bifocal lenses(polarized, sunglasses and transition) will be shipped 5 to 8 days after your order is placed. Please note that your lenses are custom made


For all orders over $75 USD we provide free shipping in the US! Visit our Discounts and Promotions page for more details.

EYEGLASSES - For standard lenses please note that the order must be placed before 1pm eastern time to ship out the same day. For progressive,bifocal and high astigmatism, it can take 3-4 additional days.

SUNGLASSES - Color tint, Photochromic and sunglasses can take an additional 3-4 days.


Return Policy

As stated in our 30 Day 100% full credit back policy, if a customer is not satisfied with the product they ordered, we guarantee a full credit, exchange or 50% money back.

Since all lenses are custom made for each customer if returned they cannot be reused on another frame therefore we cannot give a full refund.

Any discount or promotion has a unique return policy please check our Discounts and Promotions page for details.

Please note that shipping and handling costs will not be refunded.

Returns address: EXPRESS-GLASSES, POBOX 300440, BROOKLYN NY 11230