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A little about Express Glasses

Express glasses is dedicated to providing cheap eyeglasses express online without compromising on quality. With Express, you can buy glasses online at the same level of quality you can get on the high street, and have them shipped by you same day glasses. Each pair is expertly created in-house and tailored to your unique specifications. We don't offer a simple off-the-rack service. Instead, we deliver customized results in a fraction of the time of our competitors.


Cheap & Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Welcome aboard to Express Glasses!

Where we always have a perfect pair of eyeglasses waiting for you! Have you been trying to find cheap glasses online that still look amazing with designer-level style? Look no further! Express-Glasses is your go-to online eyeglasses store. We offer the trendiest and most affordable eyeglasses online — with same-day or next-day shipping so you can get them fast.

Glasses should be easy to buy, so we make the entire process as smooth as possible. Browse our store to find the best prescription glasses online and get your perfect pair!

Featured Prescription Eyeglass Frames

From new arrivals to all-time classics, below are some of our favorite prescription eyeglasses in our online store. You'll find cheap RX glasses for men, trendy eyeglasses for women, stylish and cheap prescription glasses for kids, and incredible designer glasses online for the whole family.

Can't Decide which Prescription Glasses to Buy?

We strive to make it simple to buy cheap prescription glasses online, but with a selection as robust as ours, you might still need some guidance. Get in touch with Express-Glasses — we will be happy to help!


More About Express-Glasses: Your Online Glasses Company

Express-Glasses is dedicated to providing cheap eyeglasses online without compromising on quality — and we do it fast. Eyeglasses from us are of the same quality as those you'd find in a physical store, but they're shipped to your door right away. In most cases, our products are shipped on the same day you order them, meaning they'll hit your doorstep the next day. Glasses you buy from us are tailored to your unique specifications, allowing you to order prescription eyeglasses online without worrying if they're right for you. We don't offer a simple off-the-rack service. Instead, we deliver customized results when you need them — in a fraction of the time of our competitors. We're your 24-hour glasses store, and we aim to deliver the quality you need.

Express-Glasses Is Your One-Stop Online Glasses Store

At Express-Glasses, we live up to our name — we maintain an extremely fast-paced delivery system so you can order cheap prescription eyeglasses online with ease and confidence. Customers are our first priority. We make sure the quality of our products is top-notch. Our team of professionals works to ensure you have the best quality while still paying for cheap eyeglasses — because we want you to be satisfied without breaking the bank.

Custom Options for Prescription Eyeglasses

When you order eyeglasses online at Express-Glasses, our representatives note down every detail to get the custom solution you need and the correct prescription. We want you to be completely satisfied — and maybe look a tad better, too!

Our experts ensure that all of our eyeglasses can meet your needs while keeping up with the latest design trends. We provide the best experience for our customers — and that includes getting your prescription right. When you buy RX glasses online from us, you can buy with confidence — completely stress-free!

Order Cheap Prescription Glasses with Ease

It is our goal to give you a hassle-free experience and provide the best cheap glasses online! Our customer care representatives are only an email away. If you ever have any issues when purchasing prescription eyeglasses, just reach out and we'll be there to help.

Buy Cheap Eyeglasses Fast to Keep Up Your Style

Want to stay in the spotlight and stand out from the crowd? Stop worrying and get your hands on the coolest pair of glasses. Since we offer such affordable eyeglasses, you can take your pick from our exclusive collection and update your style whenever you want!

From the classic full-rim to trendy shades, get it all here. If you want to customize your prescription eyeglass frames, we have options for that too. And we'll still get them to you as soon as possible, with same- and next-day glasses shipping available in many cases.

If you are unsure about being able to pull off a stylish cat-eye or trendy rectangle pair of prescription glasses, do not worry! Just contact us and our experts will give you some guidance.

Check Out Great Offers for RX Glasses Online

Apart from being the best place to get cheap glasses online, we also have several attractive offers ready for you. You can get your desired eyewear with either anti-glare or anti-scratch protection for a small additional price.

Glam Up with The Widest Range of Cheap Glasses Online

Take your fashion quotient a level higher with our trendy and cheap eyeglasses online. At Express-Glasses, we believe in versatility. And with prices as low as ours, you can even purchase multiple pairs in completely different styles to keep things fresh.

Other than selecting the prescription eyeglass frames of your choice, you can also set a color tint that you like for the lenses. We have options ranging from browns and greens to blues and greys so you're able to choose whatever looks best to you — all within a reasonable price range.

Our experts can also increase or decrease the color intensity based on your need. This ranges from 20, 40, 60 or 80% on your chosen color tint. The price range for colored glasses varies on the basis of the percentage that you select, but you can always count on us to offer cheap glasses online without sacrificing quality.

Be a Trendsetter with Premium-Quality Designer Eyeglasses

Whether you are a working professional or a student, you can always be a remarkable trendsetter with your fashion choices. We have your options ready 24 hours a day so you can complement your look with the coolest, most stylish prescription glasses on the market — at the best prices.

The options we have for cheap eyeglasses are nearly endless. You can go dressy in a basic low-bridge frame or enhance your look with a hint of sophistication with thin, lightweight metal eyeglasses.

Shop For Affordable Eyeglasses Online Now

No matter what you need, you're sure to find the right prescription eyeglasses online at Express-Glasses. If you need assistance at any point, our representatives will promptly help you out. You can even qualify for a free eye checkup one year after your first purchase from us. You've found the best online glasses store — it's time to see clearly and look your best. Order cheap prescription glasses from Express-Glasses today!