Aviator Prescription Eyeglasses Frames

With their distinctive professional style, aviator glasses have made a comeback in a big way. Today's aviator prescription glasses are sporting a more round shape rather than the teardrop style. Both aviator glasses for men and women's aviator prescription glasses look good on just about any face type – especially oval, square or heart-shaped. You'll discover a fantastic collection of aviator glasses here at Express-Glasses below.

What Makes Aviator Prescription Glasses So Popular?

Round, heart, pear or square, aviator glasses look fabulous on any face shape. Aviator frames are classic and stylish, creating a smart, savvy vibe.

Are Aviator Eyeglasses For Men Only?

Once upon a time, aviator glasses for men were the norm, but these days women's aviator prescription eyeglasses are definitely on trend. The original shape has morphed to include a more circular design to appeal to both men and women who appreciate the sophisticated look that aviator frames provide.

What Is The Distinguishing Feature of Men's & Women's Aviator Prescription Glasses?

Typically (though not always), aviator glasses frames feature an extra band of metal or plastic that reaches across the top of the lenses. Aviator glasses first appeared as sunglasses in 1936. They were designed to protect pilots' eyes while they were flying. The prescription version was created so aviator glasses – men's and women's – could be worn by even those who didn't possess 20-20 vision.

Does Express-Glasses Sell Cheap Aviator Prescription Glasses?

We offer inexpensive – not cheap – aviator prescription glasses. The difference is in the quality materials we use to create your frames and nail that classic style. And, naturally, we carefully craft your prescription to ensure you can see as great as your aviator glasses look. Keep in mind that any of our frames can be made into sunglasses, so if you're looking for classic aviator prescription sunglasses, you're in luck. Find your style and order your aviator prescription glasses today!