September 09, 2019


If you rely on computers to get your work done, as most of us do, there are plenty of reasons to invest in computer glasses.

1. Reduce Eye Strain Caused by Long Periods of Work

Working on computers for more than 4 hours a day is a common cause of eye strain. When we constantly change our focus from electronic screens to keyboards, our eyes are always refocusing, causing intense strain on our eye muscles. With the right glasses, you can reduce the need to refocus.

2. Prevent Blurred Vision

Looking at computer screens for prolonged periods can also cause your vision to become blurred. To compensate for this, many people lean into uncomfortable positions or draw closer to the screen, leading to potential posture issues as well as eye strain.

3. Deal With Reflected Light and See the Screen More Clearly

One of the things that sets this type of glasses apart from conventional products is that they have an anti-reflective coating applied. This reduces the amount of light reflected from the lenses, helping make your screen easier to read for long periods. But make sure you buy modern, high quality glasses, as older forms of anti-reflective coating can crack and peel, leading to flawed vision.

4. Protect Yourself From Blue Light

Blue light is common in the modern workplace, whether it comes from LED lights or flat computer screens. For some people it can seriously irritate their eyes. If you feel uncomfortable when using the computer, with computer glasses blue light can be filtered out with tinted lenses, helping keep your eyes fresh and protected for as long as needed.

5. Become More Productive

Because they make the screen easier to see for a longer period of time, computer glasses help to make the wearer more productive at work (or a more effective gamer, if that's what you need them for). You'll find that sustained periods of work become much more bearable, reducing the need for breaks and rests.

Whatever your reasons for buying glasses for computer use, you can find a huge range of colors and styles at Express Glasses. All of them can be fitted for your prescription and shipped in one day, enabling you to see the screen more clearly than ever.

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