September 09, 2019


Following these tips will help you successfully wear makeup with glasses.

Wearing eyeglasses while wearing makeup can affect your appearance differently than someone who doesn’t wear glasses. Since you wear eyeglasses, you will have to do different things with your appearance than other girls who do not have to wear glasses. However, consider this a blessing, as you have a unique ability to use your glasses to your advantage when you incorporate them into your style. Our glasses online company is working to make it possible for you to look your best when wearing glasses.


The first thing you should consider is contouring. Using shades of foundation or concealer that are darker and lighter than your skin tone is the key to contouring. Contouring is important for people with glasses to counteract the dark shadows that can sometimes be caused by glasses in certain types of lighting. There are two ways to combat this, and our glasses online company will give you these great tips.

Firstly, you can use a colour that is lighter than your natural skin tone—just by a bit, though, since we don’t want you to look like a ghost—to highlight under your eyes and on the centre part of your nose. This highlights your eyes, making them stand out even when they are cast over by slight shadows. The second technique you can use is to use facial bronzer and dust your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, and your hairline will give your face more definition. Our eyeglasses online company wants you to look as beautifully natural as possible, so remember to blend everything in well.


Another helpful tip from our glasses online company is eyebrow styling. Figuring out how to best style your brows depends completely on what shape of glasses you have and how thick the frames are. Remember: you must always balance your makeup and your glasses. If you have thick frames, keep your eyebrow makeup lighter, and vice versa. The glasses onlinestore provides both types of glasses, so choose either, and you will be able to balance the two.

Eye and Lip Makeup

Emphasising your eyes is something that you can always do whether you have glasses or not. The important part of this is to downplay one feature while you emphasise the other. If you have on dark eye shadow and eyeliner, then wear only a lip gloss or a neutral colour on your lips. However, if you want to wear dramatic red lipstick, then stick to natural eyes. This works well if you match your makeup colours to your glasses frames you got from our eyeglasses online store.