September 09, 2019


Having to wear glasses can come as a shock to kids. But there's no need for them to worry, because today's kids glasses come in a much greater choice of styles and colors than in the past - and glasses these days are far from boring. Harry Potter helped to give them a touch of magic, and round kids frames are still popular thanks to the series of films. Many other looks and shapes are available, and browsing the latest collections at Express Glasses will give you plenty of ideas. Glasses are often seen as a fashion statement for adults and the same applies to kids, who will enjoy choosing a pair to match their favorite outfits and express their personality.


Styles of children's eyeglasses include chunky plastic frames in a whole palette of bright and pastel hues. If your children just can't decide which color they want, it's also possible to choose two-tone kids frames in many combinations, such as funky pink and green. Shapes to choose from include student-style rectangular kids frames to give teenagers a geek chic look. Oval frames are another popular choice for older children and tend to suit a longer face. And by choosing kids glasses at affordable prices, you can let kids have more than one pair - perhaps a pair in subtler colors for school and a brighter choice of frames for out with friends. Prescription sunglasses are also great for children to wear during summer, protecting young eyes from the glare and giving a cool look. Plus, kids can have fun choosing frames that look good with tinted lenses.


Express Glasses offers a great range of stylish and durable kids designer glasses. They are available at affordable prices, thanks to our relationship with suppliers, and are made to be tough, withstanding daily use. All the frames and glasses we offer are top quality, which is essential to protect children's eyes for the future. We give one-day delivery, so your kids won't face a long wait after making their choice, and there's free shipping for orders costing over 50 dollars.

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