September 09, 2019


Finding the Right Eyeglass Frames

Glasses frames can add quite a personal touch to your eyewear, but did you know that there are different styles that are suitable for different face shapes? Having the correct shape of eyeglass frames can complement your best features while downplaying those that you're not so fond of, so knowing which frames are best for your face shape can be quite beneficial for looking your best. It also helps to know what your face shape is, so being aware of the different characteristics can help you to find the right frames to compliment your look.

Round faces

Round faces are known for having softer angles with having slightly wide cheekbones, and a jaw and forehead to match. They're all about curves, so they are best complimented with strong angles and shapes. Eyeglass frames, that are wider than they are deep, are fitting, as well as frames that have an angled upsweep at the corners. These tend to bring out the cheeks more and draw attention to the eyes.

Oval faces

Oval faces have wider cheekbones, with tapering towards the forehead and jawline. The cheekbones tend to be quite high on the face, allowing for a wide variety of glasses frames that are quite suitable. Square and rectangular frames provide some contrast to the smooth curved lines of the face, as long as scale is kept in mind when choosing the frames. Eyeglass frames,that are too big or too small, can throw off the overall balance of the facial features.

Square face

Having a square face entails more angles, with a broad forehead, square chin, and a horizontal jawline. The equally wide cheekbones add some symmetry to the features, so finding soft, round frames tend to provide the balance that is needed. Avoid eyeglass frames that have any angles, as this can make the facial features look too harsh and angular.

Heart faces

Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead and taper towards the chin, with cheekbones that tend to be quite high. With the varying widths of the face, finding a pair of frames that provide the right balance can be problematic. Focusing on frames that reflect the shape of the face, wider on top and smaller at the bottom, tend to do quite well and frames that have accents along the bottom edges of the rims, can add even more distinctiveness to your look.

Triangular faces

Triangular faces are quite the opposite; they are widest at the jawline and gradually get narrower in the forehead. In order to draw the eyes upwards; finding frames that are angled upwards in the corners and are wider than your jawline work best. Detailing and accents on the upper parts of the frame also provide stronger detail to a smaller forehead.

When it comes to finding the right glasses frames, keep in mind the contours of your face in order to strike the right balance. It may help to try on a variety of different styles to see what works best for you, but if you're aware of your face shape from the start, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.